Lists of Free Digital Resources & Tools

Lists of free digital tools and techniques reviewed and updated monthly.

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List of Digital Marketing & Growth Hack Tools

Because nowadays if you want to stay ahead of your competition, you have to be creative and take shortcuts.

That’s why there is ‘hacking’ in ‘growth hacking’

List of Gig Economy Platforms & Jobs

If you want to make that switch immediately, but cannot afford to lose your day job – pick a gig economy and start making some money tomorrow.Okay, Uber is not all there is.Have you ever baked a cake and then took a piece and gave it to your neighbor? (because they do the same for you?) Now imagine doing exactly the same with a whole meal, but then having your neighbors pay you for the food.There are more gig economies than Uber and AirBnb.

List of Remote Job Search Sites

Ready to step into your newly created future? You’ve got tons of job search platforms posting only remote jobs. Alternatively, you could check out Tessa Digital and have them provide possible online business ideas and even get your digital assets all set up for you so you can simply start operating.