We created a list of job search websites that are focused only on remote work jobs. This list is work in progress and updated regularly especially now that remote work has been in higher demand then ever, on both employee and employer sides. The corona crisis showed us this can be done after all not only for office workers and digital people, but going as far as teaching and even real estate.

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The post corona world will bring us this as a new normal not only because it’s practical and more productive, but because it cuts asset costs for the employer. Turns out they don’t have to lease all that office space to remain productive. And you know what happens when big companies find a source of savings – it turns into a rule. For more on post-corona digital workplace see “Post Corona Change in Work Habits”

There is a new generation of workers who dictate their own rules and they refuse to be confined to an office now that they have the benefit of technology and fast internet. Previous generation did not have this benefit, and since managers and decision makers are mainly made up of older generation with this old mindset it is no surprise that generational conflicts arise. “I feel like remote work is a baby concept, and the markets haven’t realized the huge swaths of people moving that direction

Main reasons for remote work among surveyed population:

  • Freedom and flexibility
  • To travel and/or live as digital nomads
  • The longer you work remotely, the more you love it
  • To take care of family
  • To work in gig economy jobs

To get you started I suggest you check out Facebook Digital Nomad Groups.

Some useful tips when searching for a remote job:

  • European companies prefer to hire cheap labour from Eastern Europe over Asia – mostly from the Balkans, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova etc. This is because of the European mindset and cultures they are familiar with, and the time zone.
  • US companies prefer to hire people in the US, but for developers they are way more flexible.
  • Lower chances of getting the western countries salary range if the remote position location is ‘anywhere’

Don’t settle. Look for a remote position and live a little

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