Appresima Driver
Doing ‘research’

Who are you?

  • We are a one (wo)man shop. When I do research in different areas I stumble upon a lot of resources which I save for later use. So now I have so much resource and not using it. I figure – why not share it with others?


So what research did you do?

  • For example – I was searching for remote work. Found tons of websites but not all were useful. Also, not all were free. Would’ve saved so much time if someone had told me which sites were free or were only software dev oriented.


How often do you update your lists?

  • My main work is digital marketing so I continuously look for stuff. So I have to test them and if usable, I save them. So, all the time.


Can we suggest our sites to be added to your lists?

  • Absolutely. But unless you offer some free version of your product, I wouldn’t count on much traffic coming from Appresima.


How do we contact you?

  • You can get in touch with us by visiting our Facebook page Appresima.