8 Best YouTube Fitness Channels to Get In Shape (Men and Women)

Leaving the comfort of your house to go to the gym can be hard. When it comes to exercising, a large roadblock can be just getting to the gym to get started. So why not remove this step and do some workouts from home?

Not only will you not have to to worry about getting to the gym, but you can also save a lot of money on gym membership. 

So where should you start your at-home fitness journey? If you want to keep things entirely free, YouTube is a goldmine of fitness videos. You can find tons of workouts and tips to help you get and stay on track. Here are some recommended YouTube fitness channels to check out to get yourself started. 

1. Yoga With Adriene

Before you get into a full-on workout, stretching may be useful. Yoga is great for this. Yoga With Adriene is a popular YouTube channel that hosts tons of yoga videos, with many different styles and levels of intensity in order to keep you interested.

You can also find YouTube fitness videos with different time lengths so you can fit in some yoga no matter what your schedule looks like. The videos are very calming, straightforward, and are geared towards helping you grow your yoga abilities at your own pace. They’ll also help you increase your mind-body connection, which is imperative for any fitness journey. 

2. Blogilates

If you’re interested in some at-home pilates workouts, Blogilates is one of the most popular sites out there. The workouts are created by Cassey Ho, an award-winning fitness instructor. She’s created hundreds of videos all about fitness, workout routines, diet, and tips about exercise. 

You can also find multiple challenges on her YouTube fitness channel including some 7-day challenges to target specific areas. Her videos are not only centered around pilates, but also many other types of workouts. 

3. Chloe Ting

If you want some quick yet challenging workouts, check out some of Chloe Ting’s videos. She has many videos related to bodyweight workouts that you can easily do at home. You can find routines to target specific areas as well. 

Her videos are very well-made and easy to follow, and she offers low-impact versions of many of her workouts to cater to different fitness levels and abilities. 

Chloe Ting has some challenges available on her channel that you can participate in. One of her most popular challenges is the 2 week shred challenge. She also has a website where you can find outlines for her challenges. 

4. POPSUGAR Fitness

If you’re a fan of group workouts, POPSUGAR releases such videos frequently. Their workout videos range from many different types, and are hosted by multiple different instructors, so you have plenty of choice when it comes to your workout. 

They have plenty of no-equipment workouts, as well dance cardio workouts if you enjoy getting your cardio in that way. If you’re a fan of HIIT, you can also find workouts for that. No matter what you’re interested in, you should be able to find instructions for it on POPSUGAR. 

5. The Fitness Marshall

Dancing can be a great way to get a workout and keep yourself motivated the whole way through. The Fitness Marshall is one of the biggest channels for these types of workouts, and they post new fitness videos often so you can workout to some of the latest songs. 

Their videos also feature people of all body types, so if you feel left out by some other YouTube fitness channels, this can help motivate you even more. The workouts are run by Caleb Marshall, who is great at being encouraging, funny, and has an infectious personality. 

6. Scott Herman Fitness

Interested in learning technique and form? Scott Herman makes videos about these topics, showing you how to work out correctly and how to increase the effectiveness of your exercises. This can be especially helpful if you’ve been working out for awhile but haven’t seen much progress. 

Scott Herman is a fitness instructor whose videos are extremely informative and great for learning better ways of working out. He backs up the information he talks about and also tries to expel myths in the fitness community. He has lots of videos so you’ll have plenty to watch. 

7. Omar Isuf

Omar Isuf is a bodybuilder with a lot of information on how to do workouts correctly. Whether you’re just getting started in weightlifting and fitness, or you’re more experienced, you will learn some new things on this fitness channel. 

If you’re wondering how to grow certain muscles, what might be causing you to plateau, or more, Omar Isuf covers a variety of topics in a very straightforward and informative way. It’s a great channel that will help you use your time in the gym and work out more effectively. 

8. MulliganBrothers

Everybody needs a little motivation now and then. Especially when it comes to working out and sticking to your routine, it can help to have some encouraging words when you’re just not feeling it. 

The YouTube fitness channel MulliganBrothers releases tons of motivational speech videos by different speakers on a variety of topics but geared towards keeping you motivated. 

There are tons of videos on this channel that you can listen to before you workout, or during your workouts, to keep you going longer and to stay on track. 

Best YouTube Fitness Channels

No matter what part of your fitness journey you’re in, finding new ways and getting inspiration can always benefit you. Hopefully, these YouTube fitness channels help you do that and can reinvigorate your routine, or motivate you to start one entirely. 

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