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How to Restart Discord

Discord is a web-based platform that allows users to chat, play, and build communities together on individually run servers. It’s an excellent platform for gamers, for instance, but it isn’t without problems. From Discord connection issues to audio issues on streams, you’ll need to know how to troubleshoot when things go wrong.

If you’re having problems with Discord, you might want to restart or reset it. Quickly resetting your Discord client can help you to restore functionality if you’re suffering from connection problems, app crashes, or if your audio, video, or desktop streaming is unstable. If you want to know how to restart Discord, here’s how.

Can You Restart Discord?

If you search for this topic online, you’ll see a lot of misinformation (and, if we’re honest, poorly written articles) that fail to define what exactly is meant by a Discord restart. For example, do you want to restart the Discord client or are you looking to restart your Discord server?

These are two very different things, and it’s important to explain the distinction. For instance, if you’re using Discord and it freezes or has a connection issue, then restarting Discord means closing the client (by force, if necessary) and restarting it. This allows you to resume using Discord without further issues.

If you want to restart a Discord server, however, then this is an entirely different topic. You can’t F4 your way into “refreshing” your server. For the purpose of this article, we’re assuming this means to either turn the server on or off again (not possible) or wipe it and start again with no members or customization (possible).

Discord is a web-based platform, meaning servers are hosted by Discord itself with 24/7 access available for users. Unlike Teamspeak, you don’t host a server that can be switched on or off when there’s a problem. If you’re having problems with Discord, it’s a problem with the client or platform itself, not with your server.

However, if you’re having issues running your server (too many members, difficult moderation issues, bored of the server topic, etc), you may want to delete your server and start again. Only Discord server owners can do this, so if you haven’t created your server or had ownership transferred to you, you’re out of luck.

How to Restart Discord on PC or Mac

If you use the Discord desktop client for PC or Mac, then you can restart it. This helps to recover from connection problems, from app freezes, or from other issues that aren’t caused by a problem with the Discord platform itself, such as server outages.

As Discord may not close properly, the best way to ensure Discord restarts is to force the client to close using the Task Manager on Windows or the Force Quit tool on Mac.

How to Restart Discord on Windows

If you want to force Discord to restart on Windows, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Right-click the Start menu or taskbar and select Task Manager.
  1. In the Processes tab in the Task Manager window, locate the Discord process (or discord.exe in the Details tab). Right-click the process and select End Task to force it to close.
  1. Once the Discord process is closed, locate Discord in the Start menu to relaunch it.

How to Restart Discord on Mac

If you want to force Discord to restart on a Mac, follow these steps:

  1. While the Discord client is open, select the Apple menu > Force Quit.
  1. In the Force Quit Applications menu, locate the Discord entry and select it. Select Force Quit to force the app to close.
  1. Confirm you want to force Discord to close by selecting Force Quit in the pop-up menu.
  1. After force quitting Discord on your Mac, open the Launchpad on your Dock and select Discord to restart it.

Switch to the Web Version of Discord

Restarting the Discord client by forcefully closing it and restarting it should help to resolve most minor issues. If the Discord desktop app isn’t working, however, you could try switching to the web version of Discord.

Discord’s web client is a fully functional replacement for the Discord desktop app, providing access to almost all of the same features. The interface remains the same, and you’ll be able to access your same servers, messages, and more.

  1. To access the Discord web client, open the Discord website and select Login in the top-right.
  1. When prompted, type your Discord username and password into the boxes provided and select Login to proceed. You may need to follow additional steps (such as two-factor authentication) at this point to complete the sign-in process.

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see the standard Discord interface appear in your browser. You can then use Discord as usual, although some features (such as push-to-talk during gameplay) are unavailable in the web app.

Switch to Another Discord Server Region

Restarting the Discord desktop app or refreshing the Discord web app in your browser will cause the connection between you and Discord’s servers to be closed and reconnected. However, if you’re having trouble with your connection to Discord, you may need to switch to another Discord server region in a channel you’re using.

This may help you to restart your Discord connection with lower latency and streaming issues and improve voice and video communication in the process. This change will only apply to voice channels (not text-only channels) and only channel moderators, server administrators, and server owners can make this change.

  1. To switch to another Discord server region, open the Discord app on your desktop or via the website and sign in. Once you’ve signed in, select your server on the left, then select a voice channel in the channel list. Select the settings icon next to the channel to make a change.
  1. In the Channel Settings menu, scroll down to the Region Override section. Select a region near to you from the Region Override drop-down menu, or select Automatic to allow Discord to choose for you. If you’re having trouble, switch to another region near (although not too far) from your location.
  1. Once you’ve changed your channel region, select Save Changes at the bottom to apply it. You may experience a brief interruption in service as your voice channel (with all members) is moved to that region.

Changing server regions for voice channels will force the connection between you and Discord’s servers to be reconnected. If you see issues after changing server regions, follow the steps above to switch to a new region or switch back to using the automatic region selection instead.

How to Restart a Discord Server

As we’ve previously explained, you can’t restart a Discord server in the traditional sense by switching it off and on again like you can with a Teamspeak server, for instance. Discord servers are hosted by Discord and remain active and accessible 24/7 (unless there’s an outage).

The only way to “restart” a Discord server is to delete it and create a new one. This wipes the slate clean, removing your channels, messages, and server users. You shouldn’t do this if you’re having trouble with Discord connectivity, but if you want to close down your server and recreate it, you can follow these steps to do so.

  1. To remove your Discord server, open the Discord desktop or web app and sign in, then select your server from the panel on the left. Select your server name at the top of the channels list, then select Server Settings.
  1. Select Delete Server at the bottom of the Settings menu.
  1. Discord will ask you to confirm that you really want to delete your server—this process can’t be reversed. Type your server name in the box provided, then select Delete Server to delete it. Otherwise, select Cancel to stop the process.

Once you’ve deleted your server, you’ll need to make a new Discord server or join a new one. Deleting your server means losing everything (including messages, servers, and user base), so once you’ve recreated your Discord server, you’ll need to re-invite your users to chat with them again.

Troubleshooting Discord Issues

If you’re trying to figure out how to restart Discord, remember that you can restart your Discord app and re-establish your connection, but you can’t restart or refresh the server. Everything is server-based and remains available, 24/7. If you want to start again, you’ll need to delete your server and make a new one to replace it.

You don’t have to go that far, however. You could delete your Discord DM history if you’re worried about some of your older messages, for instance. If Discord isn’t working for you, you can always try one of the top Discord alternatives out there, including Slack, Teamspeak, and Microsoft Teams.


How to Search & Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets

Twitter’s ease of expression often leads to embarrassing gaffes and controversial statements by celebrities. While quickly deleted, people always find ways to search and find these deleted tweets.

In this article, we will go over the main methods by which you can find someone’s deleted tweets and save them. From using the Internet Time Machine to scrounging through Google’s cache, there are a bunch of great ways for viewing removed tweets.

By Googling

Nine times out of ten, when a person is looking to find someone’s deleted tweets, that someone is a prominent celebrity. And why not? We all like to see these larger-than-life figures slip up and make mistakes.

The good thing about hunting for deleted celebrity tweets is that you’re probably not the first. From devoted fans to the media, there are a lot of eyeballs on these personalities. Chances are that their tweets have already been copied and screen-shotted by someone out there.

For example, there is a whole website dedicated to recording the deleted tweets of leading politicians, including some of their more controversial statements.

The best source of these saved tweets is Twitter itself. Many savvy users take screenshots of celebrity tweets and share them when they get deleted. This has caught many famous individuals with their feet firmly in their mouths.

Check the Google Cache

Everyone knows that your browser caches web pages to help them load faster. But did you know that Google itself does something similar? While scrolling through Google results, you might have noticed a small arrow next to some entries. Clicking on this arrow allows you to view a cached version of that site.

This can help you view a deleted tweet of a prominent Twitter account. If the tweet was deleted very recently, it is possible that it still exists in the cache. The only catch is that the account needs to be famous enough for Google to be caching it.

  1. To view the cached version of someone’s tweets, first Google their Twitter handle.
  1. Their recent tweets will show up in search results. Click on the small downwards facing arrow beside any of the entries and select Cached.
  1. Google’s cached version of the tweet will open up. The date and time of the cache will be displayed on top. As a new cache can overwrite this data, it is recommended to take a screenshot for yourself.

By Using the Wayback Machine

If the deleted tweet you’re looking for is too old to show up in Google’s cache and too unknown for anyone to have saved it, your best bet is to use the Wayback Machine. Also called the Internet Time Machine, it is a website that archives public pages on the internet for posterity.

While there are some other services that can do the same thing, the Wayback Machine is by far the most popular and the most reliable of these options.

The Internet Archive holds backups of all public web pages taken at periodic intervals of time. You can go back in time and view a website as it was in the past. This includes the Twitter pages of many prominent personalities.

  1. To search the archives for deleted tweets, open the Wayback Machine website.
  1. Enter the profile link of the Twitter account you want to view the history of and click on BROWSE HISTORY.
  1. A calendar will open up, displaying all the dates at which the Twitter account has been archived.
  1. Hover over a date to view all the snapshots available for that day, and the times at which the snapshots were taken.
  1. Click on a snapshot to open it. It isn’t just a screenshot; the whole webpage will load up in its past state. You can interact with the page normally, and take screenshots of any of the tweets you want.

By Searching the Twitter Archive

So far we have explored methods to search for someone else’s deleted tweets. But what if you are looking for a way to view your own removed tweets?

For once, you don’t have to look too hard. Twitter itself maintains an archive of all published tweets, even the deleted ones. Normally, it doesn’t allow anyone to access this data, but any user can search through their own Twitter history.

  1. To download your Twitter archive, open the Twitter homepage and click on More.
  2. Select Settings and Privacy from the menu that appears.
  1. This opens up your account settings. Click on Download an archive of your data option from the pane on the right.
  1. You will be asked to verify your identity through a code sent to your email id. Once you have done so, you will see the button to Request archive.
  1. It can take a whole day for Twitter to email you the archive. Once you extract the zip file and open it, a normal Twitter window will open in your web browser. The only addition is a search box that lets you find your past tweets by their dates. 

Finding Someone’s Deleted Tweets Isn’t Always Easy

Twitter hasn’t exactly made it easy for anyone to search for deleted tweets. While the Twitter Archive can help you access your own tweet history, finding someone else’s removed tweets is far more difficult.

In case the tweets belonged to famous personalities, there is a good chance that the tweet was screenshotted and shared by someone else on Twitter. Google is your best friend for finding such instances.

When that doesn’t net you any results, things get a bit more tricky. For recent tweets, you should look in the cached versions of the Twitter handle, as Google often keeps an old page saved for days. If the tweet is older though, the Wayback Machine is the place to search for.


What Is Mouse Acceleration and How to Turn It Off

If your mouse pointer isn’t ending up quite where you intend it to, you may be fighting with a feature called “mouse acceleration.” We’ll explain what mouse acceleration is and how to turn it off when it gets in the way.

What Is Mouse Acceleration?

Modern mice use an optical sensor to look at the surface the mouse is on and watches for movement. Let’s say you move the mouse one millimeter, the pointer on-screen moves 10 pixels. Without mouse acceleration, the pointer will always move in that exact ratio, no matter what you do.

When mouse acceleration is active, both the distance measured by the mouse sensor and the speed of the movement of the mouse, are taken into account. The distance your mouse pointer moves increases proportionally to how fast you move the mouse. 

This is useful for high-resolution displays, as it gives you a way to intuitively control the sensitivity of the mouse with speed. 

Mouse Acceleration Subtypes

There are two ways in which mouse acceleration can manifest. The first and most common is positive mouse acceleration, which we’ve already covered. It’s the type of acceleration where the pointer moves further with additional speed.

The other type is negative acceleration, where the pointer moves shorter distances the faster the mouse goes. This isn’t supposed to happen and can either point to a faulty mouse sensor or a bug in a video game if it only manifests in specific titles.

Mouse Acceleration vs. Mouse Smoothing vs. Mouse Sensitivity

You may encounter several other settings that may sound like mouse acceleration but aren’t the same thing at all.

Mouse smoothing is a method to prevent jerky mouse pointers or control motion. This is only useful for mice with low-resolution sensors, where sensors adjust to cover the gaps in the data. However, even the cheapest modern mice have relatively high-resolution sensors. As such, mouse smoothing shouldn’t be something you need.

Mouse sensitivity is the fixed ratio between physical movement increments and how much the pointer moves on screen. So if (again, only for argument’s sake) we set the mouse to move 20 pixels per millimeter instead of 10, we’ve increased its sensitivity. This is a software-based form of mouse sensitivity and should not be confused with mice that can vary their DPI (Dots Per Inch) at the hardware level for the same effect.

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

Turning off mouse acceleration in Windows 10 isn’t hard:

  1. Open the Control Panel
  1. Under Hardware and Sound, select View Devices and Printers. 
  2. Right-click on your mouse, and select Mouse Settings.
  1. In Mouse Properties, switch to the Pointer Options tab.
  2. Under the Motion section, ensure that Enhance pointer precision isn’t checked.
  1. Select OK to lock in your choices.

It’s not entirely clear why Microsoft has labeled mouse acceleration as “Enhance pointer precision,” but that is indeed the mouse acceleration toggle. 

Why You Don’t Want Mouse Acceleration in Games

In games where you use the mouse to aim, mouse acceleration can throw off your accuracy. Of course, if you’ve been playing with acceleration this whole time, you’ve probably learned to compensate for it. Turning off mouse acceleration will require a period of adjustment. You may even find that you don’t like it even after adjusting. Yet, objectively having perfectly consistent mouse speed to control your in-game targeting should result in better accuracy.

Does Your Game Still Have Mouse Acceleration?

Sometimes, even though you have turned off mouse acceleration in Windows, the game may still exhibit it. You are not imagining this. It’s simple to test:

  1. In your game, stand in one spot and point the in-game camera at a fixed point. Such as the edge of a building, a lamppost, or a tree.
  1. Mark two points on your mouse pad.
  2. Center your view on your in-game marker and then move the mouse between the two points on your mousepad. Do it slowly the first time and then at a faster speed the second time.

If you don’t end up in more or less the same spot in the game at both mouse movement speeds, there’s probably acceleration at play. Now, the question is how to disable it? 

In-Game Mouse Acceleration Settings

If it does turn out that a specific game still has mouse acceleration despite the Windows setting for it being disabled, you may still be able to switch it off.

While there’s no universal way, there are four common methods:

  • Toggling an in-game menu setting
  • Using an in-game command line to turn it off
  • Editing a configuration file
  • Adding startup parameters to a game’s executable

Since the solutions vary across games, you’ll have to Google the exact method for a specific game that you suspect uses mouse acceleration.

You Can Compensate for Mouse Acceleration With Sensitivity

If you’ve turned off mouse acceleration, you may now find that you can’t easily move your pointer or in-game character efficiently. Although you now have consistent mouse movement despite the speed at which you move the mouse, the increments of movement may be too low.

To compensate for this, you need to adjust the mouse’s sensitivity to suit the amount of space you have to move it. You can do this by adjusting the pointer speed slider in Windows, found above the Enhance pointer precision checkbox. Read How To Change Your Mouse Speed In Windows 10 for more information.

Alternatively, if your mouse allows for its DPI setting to be changed either with a physical switch or in its third-party software utility, you can also tune it there. As for video games, virtually all of them have a mouse sensitivity slider that only affects mouse sensitivity in the game itself. So feel free to set that slider to whatever works for you since it won’t affect Windows or any other application.


Can You Use a Keyboard and Mouse for Console Gaming?

Traditionally, gamepads are for consoles, and a keyboard and mouse are associated with gaming on a PC. Today, those lines are blurred on a PC, where using a gamepad is normal and even expected. But what about using a keyboard and mouse on a gaming console? It’s both simple and a little complicated, but let us explain.

Why Use a Mouse and Keyboard with a Gaming Console?

The main reason to use a mouse and/or a keyboard with your console is that certain genres of game control better with them. Good examples include first-person shooter games like Call of Duty or Battlefield. Since a computer mouse allows for precision snap-aiming, it’s a devastating FPS (first-person shooter) gaming tool.

Real-time strategy games are also perfect candidates for mouse gaming. Having a pointer to select or drag-select units and issue commands is far more practical than using a gamepad.

MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) benefit greatly from keyboards since these games often require that the player use dozens of shortcut keys to play efficiently.

Which Consoles Support Keyboard and Mouse?

Keyboard and mouse support on consoles isn’t new. For example, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the PlayStation 1 both had official mice! In modern terms, there are only a shortlist of consoles that are relevant to this question, however:

  • Nintendo Switch (Keyboard only)
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S

All these consoles support USB keyboards and mice, except for the Switch, which only supports keyboards. Also, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support exist on the PS4 and PS5. However, based on Reddit threads of users sharing their experiences, not every keyboard and mouse works. So it’s worth checking if a particular Bluetooth mouse or keyboard is compatible before you spend any money.

As for the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, none support Bluetooth, so you’ll have to stick to wired options. Finally, the Switch doesn’t support Bluetooth at all.

How to Use a Keyboard and Mouse With a Console

Using a keyboard and mouse with your console is nearly as simple as it is on a computer. All you have to do is connect your peripherals to an available USB port, and the console will detect them. You can then use them with any supporting application.

For Bluetooth peripherals, you’ll connect them the same way you connect a Bluetooth headset or another Bluetooth device. Since only the PS4 and PS5 support Bluetooth peripherals, we’ll go over their steps. The screenshots in question are for the PlayStation 5.

  1. For both the PS4 and PS5, go to Settings.
  1. Then, go to Devices (PS4) or Accessories (PS5).
  1.  Choose Bluetooth Devices (PS4) or Bluetooth Accessories (PS5).
  1. Set your keyboard and mouse into pairing mode and select them when they appear on the PS4 screen.

Unfortunately, the mouse we tested via Bluetooth gave us this message on PS5.

Your mileage may vary, but if it’s a mouse or keyboard you already own, there’s no harm in trying!

Which Games Support Keyboard and Mouse on Console?

The list of supporting games when it comes to mouse and keyboard is relatively short. Each console mentioned above has a limited selection of games that will work natively with a keyboard and mouse. Nonetheless, there are more than can be listed here, especially if we’re considering several consoles. As such, we’ll highlight some of the more notable titles that benefit the most from keyboard and mouse support.

If you’re an Xbox One owner, these titles natively support mouse and keyboard:

These games work particularly well with a mouse and keyboard on Xbox One. Also, remember that the Xbox Series X and S consoles are backward compatible with Xbox One games. So this list also applies there as well as to upgraded next-gen versions of the above games.

If you own a PlayStation 4, these are notable games with mouse and keyboard support:

The options on PS4 with native support are much more limited than on Xbox One. However, as time goes by, we expect more games on the list.

Since the Switch only supports USB keyboards, you won’t be playing first-person shooters with a mouse on Switch any time soon. Unfortunately, we were unable to get reliable information about Switch games that work with a standard wired USB keyboard. So unless you struggle with text entry, getting a keyboard for Switch does not seem worthwhile.

What Else Can You Use a Mouse and Keyboard for on a Console?

Attaching a keyboard to your console isn’t just about playing games with it. Text entry using a gamepad has always been a tedious job. Having a keyboard makes it easy to enter text. These days, with integration between consoles and social media, you’ll often have to type posts for content that you share from your console.

For consoles with built-in browsers, a mouse and keyboard also make the experience more like using a traditional computer to browse the web. Again, it’s no replacement for a computer, but it’s a nice way to give some HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) flair to your console.

Using a Keyboard and Mouse in Unsupported Games

Since so few games support a mouse and keyboard on consoles, you may think it’s not worth the bother of trying. However, there are ways to use a keyboard and mouse in games that don’t support them.

What you need is a special console mouse and keyboard adapter. These devices make the console think that you’ve connected a gamepad. The adapter then translates the mouse and keyboard commands into gamepad commands. This isn’t exactly like using a mouse, but it’s much closer than using a gamepad. In this way, you can play just about any first-person shooter with a mouse. It won’t be much use with games that use a mouse cursor designed for the gamepad, but it can work well with first and third-person shooters.

While it doesn’t matter for single-player gaming, using these adapters is widely considered a form of cheating. It can provide a competitive edge in some games. Since the console thinks there’s a controller connected to it, these adapters are generally not detected by anti-cheat systems. Use these adapters at your own risk!


What Is a Resin 3D Printer and Should You Buy One?

Home 3D printers have now been on the market for many years and are affordable to anyone who wants one. They’ve grown from a hobbyist curiosity to useful tools that can help you fix small problems around the home, create art pieces or help you prototype parts for projects. The uses for a 3D printer are only limited by your imagination! 

Now, however, an entirely different type of 3D printer is entering the home market. These “resin” 3D printers use very different principles to create 3D objects compared to the ones you may have seen thus far. What is a 3D resin printer and should you buy one over the more traditional models already out there?

A Recap of Conventional 3D Printers

If you want to have an in-depth explanation of how 3D printers work, check out HDG Explains : How Does 3D Printing Work? If you don’t have the time for that, here’s the short version.

What most people think of as a “3D printer” is actually something called an FDM (fused deposition modelling) printer. It runs a filament of material (usually plastic) through a hot extruder head and then deposits precise layers of the material to slowly build up the model.

The most common FDM machine is the “Cartesian” type of 3D printer. This has a print head mounted on movable rails that can put the tip of the head precisely at any XYZ coordinate within the build volume of the printer.

Whatever type of FDM printer you’re looking at, it’s the layered extrusion of filament material that’s shared among them all. Resin printers are fundamentally different in this regard.

Resin 3D Printers Explained

Resin 3D printers differ in a few fundamental ways from FDM printers. First, the material is a liquid resin rather than a spool of filament. This liquid is kept in a reservoir.

The resin printer still uses a build platform for the model that’s being printed, but it’s usually upside down. The platform is lifted out of the resin vat as each layer is formed. The resin itself is light-sensitive and cures when exposed to the right type of light. 

A precision light source is used to form each layer on top of the previous one until the entire finished model has been pulled from the vat. It certainly looks much more futuristic than FDM printing!

Types of Resin Printer: SLA, DLP & LCD Technology

While all resin printers use the basic principle of curing photosensitive resin with a light source, they don’t all do it in the same way. There are in fact three major subtypes of 3D resin printers.

SLA: Stereolithography

The Solidmaker Laser 3D Printer

SLA is actually the original 3D printing technology and has a long history in engineering, especially in aerospace.

This type of printer uses a laser and movable mirrors to direct a small point of light. Wherever the ultraviolet laser is focused will harden the resin, so each layer can be rapidly drawn.

SLA printers can have the upside-down inverted design, where the model looks like it is pulled up out of the tank, but they can also have an upright design where the platform is lowered into the tank of resin as each layer is completed.

SLA printers generally produce very smooth surfaces and offer high-precision detailed prints.

DLP: Digital Light Processing

The Spintray Moonray DLP Printer

You may have heard the term “DLP” in relation to projector technology before and that is indeed the connection here. DLP resin printers use the same digital micromirror technology that DLP projectors use to project images.

In this case, the DLP projection is used to cure an entire layer of resin at a time, which makes DLP printers a little faster than SLA models, which only cure one point at a time.

DLP resin printers are also known for nice smooth surfaces, but large print areas might not show the same sharp and accurate detail as laser-based SLA machines.

LCD: Liquid Crystal Display Resin Printers

The PHROZEN Sonic Mini UV Photocuring LCD Resin 3D Printer

These printers use a monochrome LCD panel with a UV backlight to cure each layer. The LCD panel essentially acts as a mask by selectively blocking out light or letting it pass. This is a clever use of mature and well-understood LCD technology and has driven the cost of resin printers down dramatically. Most of the affordable resin printers that you can buy today use LCD technology.

LCD resin printers are faster than SLA machines and more accurate than DLP printers, which can exhibit distortion. The downside of LCD printers is that they have a shorter lifespan than the aforementioned technologies and they need more maintenance.

The Pros and Cons of Resin Printers

So why should you (or should you not) buy a resin printer over the more conventional FDM machines?

On the positive side of the equation:

  • Resin printers offer much more detailed and smooth models.
  • Resin prints don’t require extensive post-print finishing to look good.
  • They are faster than FDM machines.
  • Resin models are generally stronger and more resilient.

On the negative side of the equation:

  • Resin printing is more expensive overall.
  • It’s messier and requires more maintenance.
  • You need to prepare a safe environment to print in and store your resin.
  • Resin printers have smaller build volumes on average.
  • Uncured resin is toxic and has to be handled with significant care.

It’s important that any prospective resin printer owner be entirely prepared for the reality of resin printing, the dangers, environmental issues and maintenance burden. Take the time to watch a few YouTube videos to see the printing process from start to finish.

Who Should Buy a Resin Printer?

The main market for desktop resin printers is people who need to make small, finely detailed models. For example, if you want to create detailed pieces for tabletop gaming or intricate 3D jewelry, a resin printer might be a good option. If you are a 3D sculptor using software such as Zbrush, only a resin printer is going to do your finely detailed models any justice.

It is entirely possible to paint resin models, although you need to follow a lengthy process of preparing the resin surface to hold paint. If you don’t need the detail and quality of resin prints, then you’re far better off opting for an FDM 3D printer. You can also improve your FDM print finish quality by using techniques such as sanding, for a smoother model surface.

3D Resin Printer Recommendations

There are more and more resin printer choices on the market as time goes by, but one or two options stand out.

First, there’s the Elegoo Mars 2, which is a UV resin LCD printer with a 2K resolution. It has a fast-curing system, and uses an LCD panel with a longer lifespan than usual. It also has several measures in place to make resin printing safer and less messy, such as a disposable resin vat and silicone seals to curb unwanted smells and leakage. With over 2500 reviews and a 4.5-star average on Amazon, it seems like a great entry-level choice for the money.

The AnyCubic Photon Mono X also caught our eye as a much more high-end (and costly) option. The substantially higher asking price nets you a larger, higher-resolution LCD panel and an impressive build volume, at least as far as resin printers go.

Of course, you should do your own research according to your specific needs, but based on customer reviews and their specifications, these two printers are a great place to start.


30 Best Self-Improvement Subreddits on Reddit

When you’re learning a new skill or trying to form a new habit, it can be helpful to immerse yourself in a supportive community. Reddit is a treasure trove of communities like that, and it can be a great resource for information and tips on a wide variety of self-improvement topics. 

Reddit has thousands of subreddits dedicated to improving yourself in countless ways. To save you some time and effort, we’ve put together a list of the best self-improvement subreddits organized by what it is you’re trying to accomplish. 

Start with the Basics

If you’re making an effort to work on yourself, these four subreddits can help you quickly form new habits. 

  1. r/SelfImprovement: This subreddit is packed with strategies you can immediately put into practice.
  2. r/Productivity: It only takes a few new habits to consistently get more accomplished at work and in your personal life. 
  3. r/GetMotivated: Even just scrolling through this subreddit can put you in a better frame of mind.
  4. r/GetDisciplined: Are you a procrastinator? This is a great place to ask for advice, share ideas, and discuss practices for improving your self-discipline.

Slow Down Your Brain

You absolutely can train your mind to slow down, and virtually everyone can benefit from learning this skill. Visit these subreddits to learn to be more present in the moment.

  1. r/Meditation: Learn to quiet your mind and become more mentally and emotionally stable. This subreddit has guides on how to begin meditating, descriptions of different kinds of meditation, and a recommended reading list whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner.
  2. r/Mindfulness: Learn how to pay attention on purpose and live in the moment. You’ll find memes, quotes, tips, and personal posts about the quest to stay positive and focus on what’s happening around you.
  3. r/ZenHabits: This subreddit requires that you practice what it preaches: “You can think a negative thought without sharing it.” Keep your negative thoughts to yourself while you browse images, videos, and discussions about personal growth.

Improve Your Health

It’s hard to focus on anything else if your body isn’t feeling good. These subreddits provide advice and motivation to care for the only body you’re ever going to have.

  1. r/Fitness: This subreddit is packed with resources, including an entire wiki, guides on weight loss and building muscle, and advice on workout routines. 
  2. r/LoseIt: If it’s weight loss you’re after, this is the subreddit for you. This community will help you find healthy, sustainable ways to lose the fat.
  3. r/StopSmoking: Are you a smoker? This subreddit will help motivate you to quit. You’ll be so glad you did.
  4. r/StopDrinking: Whether you’re trying to stop drinking alcohol completely or you just want to cut down, this subreddit is full of encouragement.
  5. r/Yoga: This community wants to help you get the most out of the group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices called “yoga.”
  6. r/Nutrition: When you’re educated about nutrition science, you can make better, more informed choices about what you put in your mouth.
  7. r/MentalHealth: Getting healthy isn’t just about your body—your mental health is just as important.

Consider the Alternatives

Remain open to other points of view and ways of approaching the challenges in your life by visiting these subreddits.

  1. r/FoodForThought: This subreddit emphasizes “longform articles and essays that stimulate intellectual discourse.”
  2. r/FreeThought: Use principles of logic and science to examine culture, religion, politics, and more so we can all live in a more reasonable and rational society. 
  3. r/Skeptic: A healthy dose of skepticism can prevent you from falling for scams and misinformation. 
  4. r/ChangeMyView: When you have an open mindset, you can better understand other perspectives. People post their opinions on this subreddit, and then others offer alternative ways to think about it.

Cut Out the Extra

We’ve all heard that “comparison is the thief of joy.” When you learn to want less, it’s much easier to be satisfied.

  1. r/Minimalism: In short, less is more.
  2. r/SimpleLiving: The motto of this subreddit is, “Live Better With Less.” It stresses sustainability and cooperation.
  3. r/ZeroWaste: Decrease your environmental impact by following the suggestions posted in r/ZeroWaste.
  4. r/Stoicism: You don’t have to completely immerse yourself in the philosophy of stoicism to benefit from the recommendations on this subreddit. 

Learn Something New

Learning a new skill or immersing yourself in a new subject are both excellent paths to self-improvement. 

  1. r/IWantToLearn: Whether you want to know where to start or you need advice on leveling up, people in this subreddit will give you advice on how to learn whatever it is you’re interested in.
  2. r/Ted: Members post links to the best TEDTalks out there. These videos about “ideas worth sharing” are usually under 18 minutes.
  3. r/HowTo: You can ask how to do something specific, and other people will give you instructions. Or you can post advice on how to do something you’re good at. From parallel parking to starting a podcast, this subreddit has got you covered.
  4. r/OpenEd: You’ll find posts with resources like textbooks, online courses, free lectures and other academic materials. 

Improve Your Surroundings

Your immediate environment can have a big impact on your well-being. These subreddits help you take care of the space you occupy.

  1. r/Declutter: How to get rid of the stuff around you that you don’t need or want.
  2. r/DigitalNomad: Maybe taking control of your surroundings means changing where you live and work. This site is for remote workers who don’t stay in one place too long.
  3. r/Gardening: Learn how to grow things on your little slice of the planet. Whether you have a giant garden or a few pots on a balcony, this sub can advise on anything related to growing plants.
  4. r/Homestead: Homesteading is a lifestyle based on self-sufficiency. This subreddit covers all aspects of homesteading such as fishing, permaculture, aquaculture, beekeeping, canning, etc. You get the idea.


What Is USB Debugging on Android How to Enable It?

Most people never really mess around with their Android phones, but if you’ve ever tried doing something a little off the beaten path, you’ve probably run into USB debugging mode. Activating it isn’t hard, but this ease of use hides the fact that there are serious implications when ticking that little box. Let’s look at this Android feature and weigh the pros and cons of using it.

What Is Android USB Debugging?

The Android USB Debugging mode is a part of the Developer Options menu. This is a set of toggles in Android that app developers use to make sure that their apps are working correctly and diagnose problems when issues arise.

Normally, your Android phone will have strict rules regarding devices that are connected to it via USB. It typically does not allow a connected device to modify it, give it commands or otherwise take over the functions of the device.

When you switch your phone over to USB debugging mode, you’re opening a control channel meant for the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), making it easy for app developers to see a live readout on a connected PC of what’s going on in the phone or tablet.

What Are the Uses for Android USB Debugging?

Apart from the intended developer use, why are regular non-developer users even turning this function on in the first place? There are a number of things you may want to do with your Android phone that take advantage of USB debugging mode.

One popular tool, which is also meant for developers is the Android Debug Bridge Utility. This opens up a command-line interface on your computer and lets you execute code and scripts on the phone.

This is a fast and effective way to modify the phone itself and a key method to “root” an Android phone. If you don’t know what it means to root a phone, it’s simply the act of gaining administrator privileges. ADB then further opens up the possibility of replacing the factory version of Android with custom firmware or simply the stock version of the latest Android release.

How to Activate USB Debugging Mode

As mentioned above, in order to access USB debugging mode you need to jump through a few hoops to activate developer mode. The exact method may differ slightly from one version of Android to the next. These steps are from a Galaxy S21 Ultra.

  1. Open Settings.
  1. Scroll down to About Phone.
  1. Select Software information.
  1. Keep tapping on Build Number until developer mode is activated.
  1. Now go to Settings > Developer Options.
  1. Look for USB Debugging under the Debugging section and toggle the switch to the on position.

Now your phone is in USB Debugging mode and you can do all the things that have this mode as a requirement.

How Is Standard USB Mode Different?

Android devices in their default state are highly secure. When you plug them in to a computer to charge or transfer files, they don’t allow any access to the core and crucial software components of the operating system.

So, you can connect devices like USB flash drives or chargers to your phone without worrying that anything bad might happen to your device. That is, with the exception of malware being executed from external storage. However, safely sideloading applications to your Android device is a different type of risk. 

A USB-C Drive by SanDisk that can be used with an Android phone without special USB settings.

Check out How To Install Android Apps Using The APK File and 5 Best Safe APK Download Sites for Android Apps before you start installing whatever you find on the net!

When you connect an Android device in its default USB mode to a computer, the phone always remains in control and you need to approve anything that happens between the computer and mobile device as the authorized Android user. 

In USB debugging mode total control of the device can be handed over to the connected PC. Knowing this, the next question you have is probably whether leaving debugging mode on is a good idea or not.

Should You Leave USB Debugging On?

The short answer is no. If USB debugging mode is left on, you run the risk of a malicious actor or malicious software compromising your phone. The real-world risk is admittedly quite small. However, keep in mind that hackers only need to be lucky a small number of times for it to be worth the trouble of exploiting such an open door. Furthermore, if your phone is ever stolen or seized, there’s the potential that USB debugging could offer some way to break into the device.

Again, these are low-probability outcomes, but since switching off debugging mode when you aren’t actively using it is such a quick and easy thing to do, it’s better to err on the side of caution.

What if You Lose a Phone in Debug Mode?

If you’ve lost a phone that has USB Debug Mode active and it has been rooted, you may have a potentially serious situation on your hands. There’s nothing much you can do if this has already happened, other than to change all your passwords for the services you use. Additionally, you should watch out for signs of identity theft and take appropriate steps to protect yourself.

Even if you haven’t left USB debugging on, take the time to install Google’s Find My Device app. This will let you remotely wipe your device if you can’t retrieve it. Some Android phone brands, such as Samsung’s phones, have their own custom remote device tracking and erasure solution. In that case, you’ll probably want to set that up instead.

Don’t Take USB Debugging Lightly

The bottom line when it comes to this and any developer options is that you should never activate anything outside of the default configuration your phone or tablet shipped with, unless you know exactly what that option does. If you do switch on any of these options for a purpose that is only temporary, then the activation of the relevant option should be temporary as well. Practice this simple principle, and you’ll avoid any unnecessary security risks to your information.


What is Slow Mode on Discord and How to Use It

If you’re running an active Discord server, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the number of messages that your users are sending. This is especially true if you’re streaming with an active audience, where you can expect messages to quickly pick up speed in a channel, and where not every message you see will be appropriate.

While you could use moderators (or Discord moderation bots) to help you bring your server under control, you could take advantage of Discord’s slow mode feature instead. This will help you reduce message speed and make it easier to moderate. To help you, here’s everything you need to know about slow mode on Discord.

What Is Slow Mode on Discord?

Discord’s slow mode feature is designed to reduce the number of messages that appear in a channel. When you send a message on Discord, the message usually appears immediately afterwards in the channel for others to view. If you and other users are sending multiple messages, however, this can make it difficult to follow.

A way around this is to use slow mode on Discord to limit how many messages a user can send in a short space of time. For instance, if you send a message in a channel with slow mode enabled, you won’t be able to send another message for the duration of the cooldown period. This can be set to any time between five seconds and six hours.

This restriction will only apply to standard Discord users. If the user has a Discord server role with Manage Channel or Manage Messages permissions, or these permissions are applied to the user in that channel directly, then slow mode won’t apply, and the user will be able to send messages as normal.

Enabling this feature helps to reduce channel message spam, as it allows users to send messages, but only in single bursts. If you’re a standard user, you can also mute other Discord users you don’t like, hiding their messages from view. For server owners, you’re free to kick or ban disruptive users in the server settings menu.

How to Enable or Disable Slow Mode on Discord on PC or Mac

Discord’s slow mode isn’t enabled on channels by default, but you can activate it on your server in channels that are particularly busy. Only server administrators or users with permissions to edit a channel’s settings are able to enable slow mode, and the setting can be switched on or off at any time.

If you want to enable or disable slow mode on a Discord server using your PC or Mac, here’s what you’ll need to do.

  1. To start, open the Discord PC or Mac client or open the Discord web client in your web browser. Once you’ve signed in, select your server from the vertical list on the left, then select a channel you wish to enable or disable slow mode in. Select the Edit Channel icon next to the channel name to proceed.
  1. In the Overview settings menu for the Discord channel, use your mouse to move the Slowmode slider to the right to enable it, choosing a time period between 5s (five seconds) and 6h (six hours) in length.
  1. If you’d prefer to disable Discord’s slow mode, use your mouse to move the slider to the Off position instead.
  1. After choosing to enable or disable slow mode, or if you’re increasing or decreasing the slow mode cooldown period, you’ll need to save your new channel settings. Select Save Changes in the menu bar at the bottom to confirm any changes you’ve made.

The new slow mode settings you select will activate immediately. If you choose to enable slow mode, any user without the Manage Channel or Manage Messages permission for that channel will see a cooldown timer underneath the channel message text box. This will run for the cooldown period you selected.

If you’ve disabled slow mode on Discord, however, your users will be able to send messages without any time limitations.

How to Enable or Disable Slow Mode on Mobile Devices

You can actively manage your Discord server setting using the Discord app on Android or Apple iPhone/iPad devices. If you have the app installed, you can follow the steps below to quickly enable or disable slow mode on Discord using your mobile device.

  1. To start, open the Discord app on your Android or Apple device and sign in (if you haven’t already). In the Discord app, select the menu icon in the top left to view the server and channel list.
  1. Select your server from the vertical channel list on the left. On the right, select and hold a channel in the channel list until the pop-up settings menu appears at the bottom.
  1. In the channel menu, select the Edit Channel option.
  1. Swipe down to the bottom of the Channel Settings menu to view the Slowmode options. Using your finger, move the Slowmode cooldown slider to the right to enable the feature, choosing any period between five seconds and six hours
  1. If you want to disable slow mode, move the slider to the furthest point on the left until the Slowmode is off message appears on the right.
  1. To save your new channel settings, select the Save button at the bottom of the menu. Once you’ve saved your settings, use the arrow button in the top left or your device’s back button to exit the menu.

Any channel settings you change will be activated as soon as you save the changes. If you enable slow mode, the cooldown period you selected will apply to that channel for any messages sent by users without Manage Channel or Manage Server permissions. The timer itself will appear above the channel message text box.

If you disable slow mode, any message cooldown periods will be removed immediately, allowing users to send messages without any timing restrictions.

Using Discord Effectively

Using slow mode on Discord, you can quickly get to grips with your server moderation, making it easier to read messages and filter inappropriate comments. There are other ways you can use Discord more effectively, from adding color to Discord messages to using the Discord in-game overlay during gameplay.

If Discord isn’t opening or you’re having troubleshooting issues, you can always switch to the Discord web client or Discord Canary, the testing version of the software. Discord isn’t for everyone, however, so if you’re looking for an alternative, you could always give Slack or Teamspeak a try instead.


6 Sites to Play Retro Games Online For Free

Retro gaming consoles such as the SNES, Sega Genesis, and Playstation were the staples of video gaming long ago. You may remember owning one or two of these consoles and playing the popular games of that era. Revisiting that nostalgia can be a great experience, and it’s possible to do so right now, online, directly in your browser for free. 

Although you may not be able to find every game you played when you were younger, there exist huge libraries of retro games on many websites. On them, you can play games without having to go through the often confusing process of downloading an emulator and ROMs. Simply find the games you want to play, and get started right away. 

Here are the best websites for you to play retro games online. 

1. Old Gameshelf 

Miss the days of the NES, 8-bit pixel graphics? Gameshelf has plenty of them available for you to play right now. Once you find a game you want to play on the site, you can play it in a small window or choose full-screen to play the game in all its pixelated glory. 

On the game’s page, you’ll find control instructions, which you can change as you wish. You can also connect a controller if you want to play that way. In the window of the game itself, you have plenty of game options, including the ability to save your game so you can come back to play later, right where you left off. 

This site is amazing for NES games, with fast FPS rates, and a simple layout, making it easy to find and play your favorite classic games. 

2. Retro Games

This site is amazing for finding old games and has games for multiple consoles, such as the SNES, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, and more. Tons of old favorites live on at this site, which is also very sparse of advertisements unlike a lot of other online retro game sites. 

On each game’s page, you can find the controls (which are customizable), tons of info on the game from Wikipedia, original game manuals, as well as the file for the game to download if you wish. This is an amazing site for playing old games with the amount of content available, and the clean layout that makes it easy to play the games. 

You can also choose from multiple different online emulators to find the one that works the best for each game. If you want to get your nostalgic gaming fix, this site is definitely one of the first you should check out. 

3. Classic Reload 

Are you a big fan of old DOS or Commodore 64 computer games? This site has a huge library of all the best games from this era, from the early 80s all the way through the 90s. There are multiple other classic platforms available on this site as well such as Windows 3.x, Sega Genesis, and arcade games. 

With each game, you have the ability to play in full screen, which really makes it feel like you’re playing on one of these old systems. You use the keyboard to play, or you can connect a controller as well. The games themselves play very well within a browser and provide a great way to spend some time with your favorite retro video games. 

4. Emulator Games Online

With a huge library of games available, you may have a hard time choosing which game to play here. Their library includes Nintendo games that are otherwise very difficult to find a way to play online, such as Pokemon and Zelda games. 

Each game page has customizable controls, information on the game, as well as options to full screen, save and load your games, or change some display settings. The vast library alone, with games that are actually available to play online, makes this site worth visiting. But, despite some advertisements (which you can easily get around with ad-blockers or full-screening your game), it’s set up very well and makes playing retro games easy and enjoyable. 

5. Play Classic Games

This website is very modern and sleek, and it has a library of tons of the best retro games. You can find games from nearly every classic console, including the SNES, Gameboy, Atari, and more. 

Each game has a large in-browser window, or you can opt to full-screen your game. Unfortunately, they leave you a bit in the dark as far as controls go, but a little experimenting on the keyboard will help you figure it out. It’s a small price to pay for all the great games available, and the games play incredibly well and fast. 

6. My Emulator Online

My Emulator Online has a large selection of old games to play, even including Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS games. All the games use a browser-based emulator like the other entries in this list, meaning you can connect a controller and save/load your game. The games on this site work really well, with minor lag compared to what you might get from other browser-based emulator sites. 

There is also a larger library here than many other sites and it includes plenty of popular Nintendo titles. There’s no limit to the number of games you can play, so make sure you have plenty of time on your hands before you get on this site! 

Playing Retro Games Online

The sites above are decidedly the best for finding and playing your favorite classic games. Since they don’t use Flash, you don’t have to worry about them not being available in the future. With the browser-based emulators that are used on these sites, it takes the work out of downloading and setting them up yourself. 

What are some of your favorite old-school video games? Let us know in the comments. 


What Is Kickstarter Funding and How to Fund Your Project?

Kickstarter is responsible for more than $5.5 billion in pledges to more than 195,946 different projects. Kickstarter has launched everything from video games to smart cups that tell you the chemical makeup of your drink. 

If there’s a special project you want to start that you can’t fund entirely out of your own pocket, Kickstarter is a great place to go, but keep in mind that there are restrictions on how Kickstarter funding is awarded and the steps you have to take to get there. Read on to find out how to fund your project and give it the best chance of success.

What Is Kickstarter Funding?

The first thing to understand is that Kickstater is a crowdfunding platform. Individuals from every walk of life and every country around the world can pledge money to help make your dream a reality. When you create a project, you set a funding goal that must be reached for the Kickstarter to be considered a success.

In most cases, you reward backers for their contribution. This reward often manifests as a discount on the product, special perks, and sometimes even including the name of the backer in the credits if the project allows that (like a video game.) However, funding is all-or-nothing.

If you do not meet your funding goal, you receive none of the funds, and your backers are not charged. This ensures that you take the time to figure out the scope of the budget before launching the project. It also means backers can rest easy knowing creators can’t walk away with their money with no project to show for it. 

Are There Fees?

Kickstarter doesn’t charge any fees unless the project is successfully funded. Kickstarter takes a 5% fee from the total funding amount, while Stripe (the payment processor for the platform) will take a processing fee that ranges from 3% to 5%. 

The good news is that no fees are charged if the project doesn’t reach its funding goal, so you have nothing to lose. That said, you can lose up to 10% of your total funded amount in fees, so bear that in mind. Even a small project with a Kickstarter funding goal of just $3000 might yield only $2700 after the fees are removed.

How to Be Successful on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is just as much about timing as it is about how well you tell a story. If you can propose a new product at a time when the market is clamoring for it, people will be more than happy to help fund its creation.

On the other hand, if the project is something with a far more niche audience–for instance, if you’re a writer trying to fund an audiobook–then you will need to take extra steps and not rely on the general public. In situations like this, most of the funding will come from your fans. 

If you don’t have fans, then you’ll have to use the same method entrepreneurs have used for years when seeking venture capital and funding. 

Tell a Compelling Story

People respond to stories. That’s why televisions and movies so strongly capture the attention of people: it’s in the genetic makeup of humans to enjoy a powerful narrative. When you seek funding for a Kickstarter project, the story of your project must be equally as compelling.

People connect better through video than text. Put together a video, somewhere between two and six minutes long. Tell the story of your project. Take the time to write out the story and rehearse the video. This part is important, and something you want to try to do in a single take. 

Explain the motivation behind the product. What inspired you to create it? What cause are you championing? Explain who you are and why your idea will make the world a better place. Remember the concept of the hook. The first 30 seconds of your video has to capture the viewer’s attention so they will watch for the rest of the time. 

Reach Out and Network

If the story behind your product isn’t compelling enough (or you don’t think you can present it that way), then you will need to build a strong network of individuals that will be motivated to contribute to your project. 

Think about people that might be interested in what you’re creating. Reach out and start a conversation with these individuals, but remember that they are people–they aren’t just wallets. If you happen to know an influencer that would be willing to help you out, all the better. 

Offer Enticing Rewards

If someone is remotely interested in your project, a great reward can be all the motivation they need to contribute. After all, if the project is funded, it becomes available to them–and they get something unique in return. 

The rewards should reflect the project. If you’re creating a new product, offer backers a discount if they contribute. Each successive reward tier should offer the previous rewards on top of something else new. 

For example, if you are Kickstarting a short film, you could list all backers’ names in the credit, but those that contribute a significant amount toward your Kickstarter funding might receive an invitation to come to the studio or even be extras in the background. 

The more creative the reward, the more likely someone will contribute, even if they are just curious about the end result. Kickstarter provides a list of 96 potential reward ideas to help get those creative gears turning, but feel free to come up with your own rewards. Just make sure you can actually supply them. 

Gone are the days when the only way to create a new product was through venture capital funding from angel investors or by taking out a loan. Crowdfunding is a powerful tool, and Kickstarter is one of the best, low-risk ways to make a dream a reality. If you need ideas, take a look at successful Kickstarter projects of the past to help you figure out how to copy their success.