Google makes it easier to find work-from-home jobs

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While truck drivers can’t operate their rigs from a home office just yet, telecommuting is an increasingly attractive option to many people for a host of reasons (wearing pajamas all day, for one thing). But having to slog through job postings to find ones that embrace remote work can be an exasperating experience. So, Google is aiming to make the working-from-home employment hunt more palatable by refining its job search options.

When you’re looking for a specific type of work, say “customer support jobs” or “design jobs,” you’ll be able to set your location as “work from home” to make the results more relevant. If you’re not quite sure what remote opportunities are available, you can search for “work from home jobs” to see what’s out there.

Google is using markup to determine job locations and requirements so it can better identify telecommuting positions and geographic limits. It’s working with a number of job listing sites, including ZipRecruiter, Working Nomads and We Work Remotely, while more remote opportunities should pop up in search results as other sites adopt the markup. Employers and job boards which use Google’s Cloud Talent Solution will be also able to mark which positions are open to remote work so they appear in filtered results. In this article: geargooglegoogle job searchgoogle searchgooglejobsearchgooglesearch,job searchjobsearchremote workingremoteworkingserviceswork from home,workfromhome