The 5 Best Sites to Find an Online Tutor For Adults and Kids

Online tutoring is a fast-growing sector with many people seeking e-learning services to help them grow in their careers, business or to gain expertise in a particular field. Online tutoring services help students supplement their in-person learning at school and provide them personalized help in one-on-one sessions via video chat. 

Whether you want to achieve your dreams or enrich your child’s learning, here are five of the best online tutor websites to fit your needs, learning style, goals, schedule and budget. 

Best Websites to Find Online Tutors 

We have selected the following list of online tutoring websites based on the variety of subjects offered, qualification of teachers, flexibility and user-friendliness of the technology. 

Some websites may have a mix of all or most of these qualities while others stand out because of specific benefits such as immediate 24/7 assistance, instant homework assistance, affordability and more. 

1. Chegg Study

Chegg Study offers a wide variety of subjects ranging from test prep and essay writing, to engineering, music, AP classes, ESL and foreign languages tutored by experts from universities and colleges.

  • Tutors are available 24/7 on the Chegg platform. You can take a photo of your question and get answers in as little as 30 minutes depending on the subject and question. 
  • You can search through thousands of homework problems in the library and view guided video walkthroughs and step-by-step solutions to solve tough problems.
  • A Chegg Study subscription costs $14.95 a month, which gives you access to textbook solutions for 9,000 books, practice sets, video walkthroughs and its expert tutors. 
  • For extra help in Math, you can subscribe to Chegg Math Solver and get detailed explanations and solutions for tough problems, and access to a graphing calculator.


Students will need to create an account on to connect with a tutor and then start a session to get help. Tutoring sessions not only take place in online classrooms in your web browser but also on the mobile app.

It’s worth noting that is now part of The Princeton Review and is definitely the most expensive option mentioned in this post. Pricing is mentioned below. 

  • You can use to get help in over 40 subjects including English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Business, AP Support and Foreign Languages.
  • You can ask your tutor questions and request explanations for difficult concepts. Add tutors to your Favorites list to work with them again. You can also view previous sessions and review transcripts.
  • Students from U.S. military families can use for free. For other users, offers packages ranging from $40 for an hour of tutoring to about $115 for three hours. One-time packages are available from $350 for 10 hours of tutoring to $1450 for 50 hours of tutoring across six months. You can view full pricing here
  • services aren’t available during major holidays like New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving and Independence Day. 

3. helps kids in grades K-12 and college students by matching them with a professional tutor in an online digital classroom. Moreover, you can rewatch your tutoring sessions anytime to remind yourself about what you learned.

  • offers a personalized, student-focused learning platform for a wide variety of subjects including business, the humanities, the sciences, languages, and mathematics. 
  • A virtual whiteboard and interactive interface make it easier for students to work through tricky problems alongside their tutors. 
  • Skooli tutors are qualified teachers and experts who either have a bachelor’s degree or higher, specialized certifications or a teaching license.
  • Students can chat with tutors in live sessions to see if they seem to be a good fit. 
  • Skooli’s pay-as-you-go learning model is ideal for any budget as you only pay for the time you use. It’s a bit more on the expensive side as you can see from the pricing table below. 


If you balk at the high cost of online tutoring, Learn to Be is worth considering. The nonprofit aims to bridge the gap for many students looking to achieve their online learning goals but are unable to find free or low-cost services they need. You pay only if you can and want to pay. 

  • Learn to Be tutors work with students one-on-one in a digital classroom, teaching different subjects like math, reading, English or science to K-12 students.
  • Unlike other online tutoring websites on this list which offer on-demand tutoring, Learn to Be requires students to fill out a form with sections for parents, teachers and students themselves before they start learning.
  • Once approved, students will be matched with their tutors by email, and create personalized study plans.

Technically this service is free but cost is based on family income. For any income that may not qualify for the free option, the service fee is negotiable based on how much you say you’re willing to pay (and family income) on the enrollment form.


If you want to learn a language, is the best online tutoring service for you. Whether you want to learn Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic or Urdu, you can do so on with native-speaking tutors from about 185 countries across the globe.


  • You can grow your vocabulary, work toward becoming fluent in one or more languages and complete foreign language homework assignments. 
  • tutors set their own schedules and prices and you can search for them by language, nationality, availability and cost. You can browse the tutors’ profiles to read reviews from other students and parents in order to find the best fit. Prices usually range from $10 to $40 USD an hour. 
  • Once you schedule a session that works for you and your tutor, you’ll meet with them to discuss learning goals before you start learning. If you’re not satisfied with your first session, you can get a new tutor for free or receive a refund. 

Get Ahead Academically and Professionally

We may be in an era of social distancing but with online tutoring, learning never stops. You can call a tutor on-demand and learn as though you were in the same room together. 

Do you have a favorite online tutoring website? Tell us about it in a comment.