The 6 Best Pregnancy Apps of 2021

Pregnancy is an emotional experience that can also be overwhelming with everything that you need to keep in mind and plan for. Thankfully, there are a number of pregnancy apps that can help you keep track of the doctor appointments, your baby’s development, as well as provide you with helpful information on the stages of your pregnancy. 

If you’re looking for a pregnancy app that will help you understand what you’re going through and keep on top of things, check out the following list of the best pregnancy apps that we’ve handpicked for you.

The Best Pregnancy Apps for Moms

We put together a list of apps for both Android and iPhone that you can use to keep track of everything related to your pregnancy.

1. Ovia Pregnancy – Best Overall

If you’re looking for a pregnancy app that can do it all, Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is your best pick. The app comes with a lot of useful information for future parents, tools that help you track your pregnancy from the moment of conception and through birth, and a forum where you can seek advice from other users.

The tools that Ovia comes with include an activity log for tracking your pregnancy progress, a diary for logging milestones, a calendar for doctor appointments, a kick counter, a contraction counter, and a ton of educational articles and videos. One of the tools that makes this app stand out is a feature that you can use to look up your medication and vitamins to check if they’re safe for you during your pregnancy.

The pregnancy app is available for both Android and iOS for free, although you’ll see some pop-up ads when using it.

2. What to Expect – Best Free Pregnancy Tracker

What to Expect is one of the best pregnancy trackers that you can get for free. It’s packed with all the useful information on pregnancy and parenting, and has a very straight-forward and easy to use interface.

The users praise What to Expect for its personalized approach: After you enter your due date you’ll receive personalized updates on your baby’s growth, information on the pregnancy stage you’re going through, and latest parenting news. The app literally shows you what to expect each week by sending you personalized videos and articles with relevant advice. 

Some of the tools in What to Expect include a daily tracker with a countdown to your due date, a photo journal to document your belly’s growth, and an option to connect with other future mothers. The app is available for free for both Android and iOS

3. Flo – Best All-in-One Pregnancy App

Flo originally started as a simple period and ovulation tracker. The app then evolved into a pregnancy app that allows you to track all parts of your cycle, starting from before conception to after birth. 

Once you log into the app, you can choose the right mode for you: pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, or a post pregnancy mode. The pregnancy mode allows you to track your baby’s development and learn the essentials of being a mom using specialized articles, videos, and tools integrated into Flo. 

One of the highlights of the app is its secret chats feature. You can use it to anonymously ask questions and discuss intimate matters and get insights from other users who have been through the same experience from around the world. 

Flo is available for both Android and iOS. There’s a free version of the app that you can use, with a premium subscription starting at $6 per month and a 30-day free trial.

4. Glow Nurture – Best for Visualizing Your Pregnancy

Glow Nurture is a pregnancy app that focuses on providing you with the essential information on your pregnancy as well as useful advice from experts and other expectant parents. 

The app is easy to use. All you need to get started is enter your data, like your due date, information on your cycle, and your birthday. Once the app determines your pregnancy stage, you’ll start receiving weekly updates on your future baby, as well as educational articles and videos that correspond with your current condition. Glow also has tools to log and keep track of your medicine and vitamin intake, exercise, doctor appointments and more.

The most interesting feature this pregnancy tracker has is the time-lapse tool. You can upload pictures of your baby bump throughout your entire pregnancy, and Glow will make a fun time-lapse video out of it. Glow Nurture is available for free for both Android and iOS, with premium subscription plans starting at $7.99 per month. 

The Best Pregnancy Apps for Dads

When your partner gets pregnant, you want to be there to help them in every way possible. The majority of pregnancy apps are targeted at women. However, there are a few excellent apps for future dads that provide great pregnancy advice and can be your field guide to pregnancy. 

5. Daddy Up – Best for Practical Advice

If you’re a fan of the field guide format, Daddy Up is the best app to prepare you for the birth of your child. This app offers practical advice to dads on how to support their partner every week of their pregnancy. 

The tools that Daddy Up offers include notes about the size of your baby and its developments, tips about how to stay actively involved in your partner’s pregnancy, a daily log, a pregnancy and a contraction tracker, and numerous checklists to make sure you don’t forget anything for the big day. 

The app’s theme might be a little over the top, but it manages to deliver all the important information and tips in a rather clever manner. Daddy Up is free and available for both Android and iOS

6. ProDaddy – Best for First Time Dads

If you’re looking for a little more information than what size your baby is at a certain moment of pregnancy, give ProDaddy a try. This app’s feature called Daddy Deep Dives is basically an advanced University course on learning what your partner is experiencing throughout pregnancy and what you can do to help.

The app also adds some humor to keep it light. Each week you’ll receive a short article with a fun summary on what you can expect in the following 7 days. Other tools that you’ll find on ProDaddy are a weekly countdown, baby development tracker, and products for dads with essential items for you and your partner.

The app is free and available for both Android and iOS

Get Ready to Become a Pro Parent

When you’re in the beginning of the 9-month wait, becoming a parent might seem ages away. However, the next thing you know you’ll be monitoring your kid’s internet use and searching how to turn on Netflix’s parental control feature. If you’ve got some time and energy on your hands now, why not spend it on researching the apps and sites every future parent should know about? The more you know, the better you’re armed.

Have you ever used a pregnancy app before? Did you find it on our list? Share your experience with pregnancy apps with us in the comments section below.