The 6 Best Websites to Check Out New Movie Releases

With so many new movies being released all the time, you might miss news of up and coming movies. If you want to stay up to date on the new movie releases coming to theaters or streaming services, you don’t have to rely solely upon word of mouth or social media. 

There are many websites dedicated to movies which track the announcement and releases of upcoming films. By using these websites, you can see exactly when certain movies will be released as well as if they will be released on any streaming platforms. 

Here is the list of the best websites to find information on the newest movie releases. 

1. IMDb

IMDb, or Internet Movie Database, is one of the most popular sites out there for finding movies and to look at ratings and reviews. IMDb is also a great site for checking out the newest movie releases, and you can create an account to make your own lists, rate movies, and write reviews. 

To find new movie releases, you can click on the main menu, and under Movies, you’ll see an option to view a release calendar. This will show you daily releases of movies, and you can also look for releases by country. You can also find DVD and Blu-Ray release dates, and information about upcoming award shows.

2. Rotten Tomatoes

You may hear people sometimes talk about what percentage a movie has been rated on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s one of the first places people look when checking out reviews for movies. What you might not know is that the Rotten Tomatoes website is great for much more than movie ratings. You can also see release dates for upcoming movies and information about them.

To see new movie releases, you can select the Movies tab on the main menu and look at either Opening This Week or Coming Soon to Theaters. Coming Soon will show you further into future releases if you want to see releases past the upcoming week.

Sometimes, these movies will already have a rating as well from critics or people who have been able to see the movie before its release. It can be a great way to tell which upcoming movies are worth seeing once they come out. 

3. Fandango

Fandango is best known for being a site to buy movie tickets, and to see movie showtimes for your nearest theaters. However, you can also use the site to check for new movie releases and possibly buy presale movie tickets if you see a movie you know you’ll want to watch in theaters. 

To find upcoming movies, you can go to the Movies tab to see movies that are opening this week or coming soon. You can click on these options to see an even longer list of movies coming out. A nice feature about Fandango is that you can sort upcoming releases by genre. You can also look at movie news on Fandango for the latest information on recently released or upcoming movies. 

4. Letterboxd

Letterboxd is like social media for movie enthusiasts, allowing you to create lists and share them, write reviews, and keep track of movies you’ve watched or want to watch. This includes movies that are set to be released. It’s a great place to find movies to watch from other member’s lists. 

To look for upcoming films on this site, go to Films in the top menu, and in the Browse By bar, choose the Year dropdown and set it to Upcoming. Then you’ll be able to view to-be released films and add them to any of your created lists. All you need to do is create an account and you can save any films you wish, as well as make and share your lists. 

5. AllMovie

Another online database of movies is the site AllMovies. You can find many lists of movies here, including lists of movies to be released. The first menu option, New Releases, is a great resource to find upcoming films. There are three options you can choose from to look at, either new in theaters, on DVD, or new movies you can stream. 

With the new in theaters option, you can even search by your zip code to find what movies are coming to theaters near you. This helps you figure out what movies you’ll actually be able to see when they come out. With new DVD and Blu-Ray releases, you can see the releases by week and sort them alphabetically or by rating. 

The new to streaming section will show you new movies that have been released to streaming platforms, and you can choose which platforms you want to see movies for by checking them off. The site also lists all the streaming platforms the movie is on so you can figure out how to best watch it. 

6. Wild About Movies

This site has an extensive list of movies released by year. You can choose what year of releases you want to see, including upcoming movie releases for the year. There is also a section that will show you what movies will be or have been released on Netflix for that year. 

This is a very no-frills website if you want something simple and quick to check upcoming release dates. Besides looking up movies, some other cool things you can do on this site include looking at reviews, interviews, and seeing what free movie screenings are going on around the country. 

Find Your New Favorite Movies

Using these websites, you can easily check which movies will be released soon or further into the future. You can also follow news and updates about movies you are waiting to be released. These are great sites to discover new movie releases to watch and inform yourself of the latest and best movies that are coming out.