The Best Reddit Apps for Windows and Mac

The easiest way to use Reddit is via the official site. Sure, it gets the job done — you can browse Reddit online. At the same time, the Reddit site looks pretty outdated and the UI isn’t the most user-friendly. 

Whether you’re looking for more functionality, extra features, or simply a better look, you can try using one of the Reddit clients instead. Here are some of the best Reddit apps for Windows and Mac that will improve your user experience on Reddit.

The Best Reddit Apps for Windows

Microsoft Store offers plenty of Reddit apps that you can try. If you don’t want to waste your time trying out dozens of them before finding the one you like, check out the apps from our list first as they’re the most highly rated ones.

1. Baconit – The Most Popular One

Baconit is probably the most popular Reddit client for Windows. There’s plenty to love about it. Baconit has a dynamic and modern-looking UI and comes with all of the features available on Reddit online. 

While the web version might perform better than this client, Baconit is much more user-friendly than the web version of Reddit. This makes Baconit suitable even for complete beginner users of Reddit. You can even use Baconit anonymously if you just want to browse Reddit. 

Baconit is free and available for any Windows device.

2. Readit – Best for Customization Options

Readit is another Reddit app that many users prefer over the web alternative. Readit has a sleek interface and a theme that you can customize to make your Reddit client look the way you like. 

Readit’s also packed with all of the features you’d expect from a Reddit client. On top of that, Readit supports Reddit Gold, toast notifications, secondary tiles, and has complete markdown support. The app is free and available on all Windows devices. You can download it from Microsoft Store. 

3. Legere for Reddit – Best for Unique Features

Legere for Reddit is a Reddit client that you should try if you’re looking for a Reddit app that has all of the extra features possible. The features this app comes with include support of multiple accounts, advanced Reddit search options, background notifications, YouTube videos and Imgur albums integrations, support for the subreddits sidebar, multireddits, and a complete markdown editor with live preview. 

On top of that, Legere for Reddit has unique features that you won’t find in any other Reddit client. They include offline mode, compact overlay mode, an integrated album creation tool, and Windows Timeline support. 

Legere for Reddit is free and available exclusively for Windows 10.

The Best Reddit Apps for Mac

There aren’t as many Reddit apps for Mac as there are for Windows, so you might have to compromise when choosing the right Reddit client for you. 

1. Comet for Reddit – Best Free Option

Comet is a pretty new app for browsing Reddit but it looks promising. Comet for Reddit comes with a beautiful modern design and an intuitive interface. The app has all of the standard Reddit client features.These include full markdown support, the ability to view all types of media including GIFs, multiple accounts support, and more. Many sections of the app are customizable, so you can change the app to suit your needs better.

The app is completely free with no ads or paid premium features. There’s a desktop and a mobile version, both available to download from the App Store. 

2. Uforio – Best for Organizing Your Reddit Feed

Uforio is a Reddit client for Mac that takes the idea of organizing your Reddit feed to the next level. All posts are now organized into categories according to their type – media files, links, GIFs, text – which makes searching for a specific video or a picture much easier. 

Other features that help speed up your search on Uforio include a user-friendly subreddits list, a favorite bar, colored comments levels, and more. Uforio’s minimalistic interface also serves the same purpose – nothing can distract you from finding the information that you came on Reddit for. 

Uforio also offers a modern design and a catching system that allows for fast browsing on Reddit. The app is free and at the moment available exclusively on Mac. You can try a web version of Uforio before downloading and installing the app on your computer. 

3. Yack! – Best All-in-one Solution

Yack is a desktop app for Mac that allows you to browse social platforms like Reddit, YouTube, Hacker News, and others – all from the same app. Even though Yack isn’t a Reddit-only client, it still made our list as an app that can greatly improve your browsing experience.

Yack is a lightweight Reddit app clearly designed with performance and speed in mind. When browsing Reddit using Yack you won’t notice any difference in speed compared to browsing Reddit online. However, the main advantage of Yack is that it’s a truly all-in-one app. You can view and manage all of your threads, subreddits, posts, and comments – all in one interface without having to switch from tab to tab. 

Yack is free and available exclusively for Mac users to download from the App Store. The app doesn’t contain ads. 

When Plain Reddit Isn’t Enough

If you enjoy the content that Reddit provides but don’t approve of the interface of the site, using one of the Reddit clients should help you solve the problem. However, if you feel like good old Reddit just doesn’t do it anymore for you, try an alternative way to explore the web. There’s plenty of content on the internet to keep you entertained and busy.

What Reddit app do you use to browse Reddit from your computer? Did we forget to include it in our list? Share your experience with Reddit clients in the comments section below.