Where to Find Diamonds, Slime and Bees in Minecraft

Creating and building a massive world in Minecraft means using dozens of different resource types, but three of the most important are diamonds, slimes, and bees. The problem is that these are three of the rarest types of resources, too. 

If you’re looking to find diamonds, slimes, and bees in Minecraft, this article is your best friend. 

Where To Find Diamonds In Minecraft

Diamonds are used to craft diamond swords, armor and diamond tools. There are certain resources (like Obsidian) that can only be harvested with a diamond or stronger pickaxe. Here’s what you need to know about diamonds in Minecraft:

  • Diamond’s are most often found between levels 5 and 16, but anecdotally players report that level 12 is the best location for finding diamonds. 
  • One of the easiest ways to find diamonds is by finding a ravine as you don’t have to use as many tools to reach the lowest levels of the world.
  • If you aren’t sure what level you’re on, press F3 to open the debug menu. It shows you your exact location through X/Y/Z coordinates. The Y coordinate is your altitude. You’ll find diamonds when you’re below level 16. 
  • You can sometimes find diamonds in chests, especially in Jungle and Desert Temples. 
  • You might also find them in shipwrecks, in blacksmith’s chests in villages, and in abandoned mineshafts. 
  • While you can’t trade for pure diamonds, you can trade with villagers for diamond tools and weapons. This is one of the few ways to obtain diamond items without crafting them yourself. However, the resource exchange rate is typically not in your favor. 

Where To Find Slimes In Minecraft

Slimes are rarer hostile mobs in Minecraft that drop one of the most valuable crafting materials: a slimeball. Slimeballs are used to craft later-game items like leads, slime blocks, stick pistons, and magma cream. Many players struggle to find slime balls because of the rarity of slime mob spawns, particularly considering the other enemies that typically spawn in the same area. 

  • Slime spawn in two areas: In swamps, at height levels between 50 and 70, and in specially-designated “slime chunks” throughout the world, below level 40.
  • The easiest way to find these areas is to go caving. Slime chunks are rare, occurring in only about 1 in 10 chunks. This frequency is lessened even further by the need for the area at level 40 to be clear.
  • Swamps are characterized by shallow, discolored water, darker trees, and a lot of vines. You might also find a Witch’s Hut inside the swamp. Slimes only spawn at night, so find a swamp and then wait for nightfall.
  • Though Slimes might go into the water, they will not spawn there. If a Slime isn’t spawning, you can give it a little nudge by building a platform at water level at least three blocks by three blocks in size. It increases the amount of surface area a slime might spawn on. 

Where To Find Bees In Minecraft

In Minecraft, a bee is a neutral mob. This means bees will continue buzzing past you without attacking as long as you don’t attack them, and you can harvest honey, honeycomb, and other resources from their hives. Bees can also help pollinate your farm, so they’re a good mob to have around. However, bees can be hard to come by if you don’t know where to look. 

  • Bees appear in three distinct biomes: Plains, sunflower plains, and forest flower biomes. There is a lower chance for bees to spawn in other biomes but the good news is that these biomes are pretty common. 
  • A horse or an Elytra (if you’re in the late game) can help you traverse the landscape much more quickly and find a beehive.
  • Once you find a bee, grab some honeycomb and you can craft a beehive yourself back at your base. In time, bees will spawn and you will be able to harvest their resources without traversing the landscape.
  • A second method to generate bees is to plant an oak or birch tree within two blocks of any flower. There is a 5% chance it will grow with a bee hive in it. If you can’t find the right biome, keep planting trees and cutting down any that don’t have a hive. 

If you need to know where to find diamonds, slimes, or bees in Minecraft, follow the tips mentioned above. The resources are valuable, especially in late-game. After all, diamond armor is one of the best items in the game until the very late stages of any playthrough. 

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