10 Best Shows and Movies on Hulu to Watch Now [Updated – 2021]

It can be easy to run out of things to watch, especially if you’re binging multiple shows or movies at a time. Hulu’s streaming service changes out their selection of content pretty regularly, so it’s a great place to find new stuff to watch. 

This can also be a difficulty, though, when there’s so much to choose from. You could spend an endless amount of time looking for something to watch if you’re unsure of what you may enjoy. So here is a list of the top TV shows and movies you can watch now on Hulu. 

1. Dead Poets Society

One of Robin William’s most well-acted roles, Dead Poets Society brings us to an all-boys prep school where the students continually face the pressures of high standards and a rigid school environment. 

When the school hires a new english teacher, John Keating, who uses much different teaching methods than the boys are used to, it opens up their minds to the possibility that their lives mean much more than just school and following their parent’s wishes. 

Dead Poets Society is a great emotionally charged film, one you won’t soon forget. If you’re looking for an inspirational drama, this is one of the best out there. 

2. The Handmaid’s Tale

One of the most unique dystopian stories, first finding success as a novel, became a hit television series. It focuses on the character Offred, who is part of a completely totalitarian society where women are essentially owned by the state. 

With an amazing performance by Elizabeth Moss, and the winner of an Emmy award, you should definitely make time to watch this series. It deals with very difficult subjects, stretching the notion of how certain ideologies could negatively manifest within society. If you enjoy these sorts of dystopian what-if scenarios, this series will keep you watching. 

3. The Act

Gypsy Rose Blanchard was a young girl who was manipulated by her mother to appear sick, and even believed that she was actually sick for a time, in order to receive all the money, gifts, and sympathy that comes with caring for a disabled daughter.

Once Gypsy comes to realize exactly what her mother is doing, things take a turn as she attempts to escape. This gripping series is based on this true story, catapulting viewers into the strange circumstances that led up to the murder of Gypsy’s mother. 

4. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

This comedy show follows the owners of Paddy’s Pub, an underperforming bar making the owners Mac, Charlie, Dee, Frank, and Dennis go to extremely desperate lengths to make money and satisfy their selfish desires.

A hilarious, over-the-top comedy with the likes of Danny DeVito and winning multiple awards, this series is one of the best sitcoms to come to television, and you can watch all its seasons right on Hulu. 

5. Letterkenny

This Canadian-based sitcom follows the inhabitants of the rural town of Letterkenny, with a large and eccentric cast of characters. These characters on the show get themselves into all kinds of situations, and there are definite rivalries amongst the citizens of this small Canadian town. 

This show is quick-witted and undeniably funny, and at times completely ridiculous. And you won’t quickly run out of episodes to watch, as it currently has nine seasons to catch up on. If you like comedies, Letterkenny is definitely one you should check out.

6. Sorry to Bother You

Sorry to Bother You is an extremely surreal comedy film about a telemarketer who attempts to navigate working corporate life. He slowly begins to perform better and get promoted, all while his co-workers attempt to protest the company they work for. This leaves him to decide whether he wants to follow the money or stand up against the corporation’s oppressive practices. 

The uniqueness of this film works well on many levels, and certainly makes it entertaining to watch. It’s a biting satire on the type of world we may be destined to live in due to the many social divides we find ourselves a part of. 

7. The Truman Show

This classic Jim Carrey film, also one of his earliest dramatic roles, has been critically acclaimed for its look into the nature of human voyeurism. The movie follows Truman Burbank who, unbeknownst to him, is part of a 24/7 TV show that follows his daily life. 

Some odd situations take place, however, that cause Truman to question his reality, and follow his intuition that something about his life is just not quite right. Extremely engaging and mind-bending, The Truman Show is one of those films you can watch over and over again. 

8. Parasite

This movie follows the Kim family as they successfully find work from another oblivious, wealthy family by recommending their family members for different jobs, pretending to be unrelated to each other. It is a very well done dark comedy movie, picking apart class discrimination and the meaning of greed. 

Parasite was released first at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and was the first South Korean film to win the festival’s Palm d’Or award. Upon release, it received even more critical acclaim. Many believe it to be one of the best films of the past decade. And you can watch it for yourself right now on Hulu.

9. Gone Girl

When writer Nick Dunne’s wife Amy suddenly disappears, he is thrust into an investigation full of twists and turns that make him question who his wife really is. This film is about a lot of things, but mainly it is a character study that delves into the depths of narcissism and sociopathy. 

Gone Girl was directed by David Fincher, who has done many other thrilling and thought provoking films such as Fight Club, Seven, and Zodiac. With every scene dripping with suspense, this movie will keep your gripped to the very wild end. 

10. Bladerunner: The Final Cut

Bladerunner is a sci-fi masterpiece, and a classic of the genre. It was made in 1982 by Ridley Scott, but the film still holds up today. In the future of Los Angeles in 2019, a corporation has created synthetic humans which are known as replicants. 

When a rogue group of replicants escape from the space colony in which they work and return to Earth, former cop Rick Deckard is tasked with hunting them down and terminating them. It is a great movie about artificial intelligence and questioning what sentience really is. 

Best Series or Movies on Hulu

These offerings on Hulu should give you plenty to watch, and there are many more great series and films on Hulu as well. If you know some more great movies or shows to watch on Hulu, tell us your own recommendations. 

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