7 Best Minecraft Seeds You Can Play Now

Minecraft is a procedurally-generated game, but every time it creates a new world, it creates a seed–a bit of code you can enter into your own game to play in that exact same world. If you see a player with an awesome Minecraft world, just ask if they’ll share the seed. You’ll get the base world without modification when you use their Minecraft seed.

Players have assembled a list of the best Minecraft seeds over the years, and we’ve found the most interesting ones for you to play right now. Scan this list and see if any of them interest you–it’s a great way to breathe new life into Minecraft if you’re itching for a new experience.

The Best Minecraft Seeds You Can Play Now

If you want to play one of these seeds, start Minecraft and click Create New World > More World Options. At the top of the screen, you can enter the code for the seed into the field below Seed for world generator. After this, you’ll need to click Create New World once again.

Bear in mind that the version of the game determines the results of a seed. You should also enter the seed manually as pasting the code will often cause issues. If you are playing the wrong version of Minecraft, you might not get the same results. We’ve included the necessary version of the game with each seed. 

1. Title Screen — Beta 1.7.3

The original Minecraft title screen showed a world that many players wanted to explore for themselves, but no one had found–until one day, someone stumbled across the seed for it. While the title screen looks different now, it remained the same for many years. 

After you revert the game to the necessary version, enter 2151901553968352745 in the seed field. You will need to explore a little bit to find that original title screen view, but once you do, it’s like a blast from the past.

2. Survival Ocean Island — 1.15

This seed drops you right in the middle of an island. The good news is you’re not alone–you’re surrounded by villagers, and there’s even an ocean temple just off the shore. Just enter 6039186344010446208 to enter the seed screen. 

This is a great Minecraft seed for someone who wants to roleplay living on a small island nation. There’s a shipwreck close by, and if you look far enough afield you can find the mainland. If you want a challenge, this is a good place to start. There are only three trees on the island, which can make gathering wood difficult.

3. Woodland Mansion — 1.11

The addition of mansions to Minecraft totally changed the game. These towering structures are full of loot, deadly mobs, and exploration opportunities, but they can also be difficult to find. This seed spawns you relatively close to a mansion, but you will have to explore a little bit to find it

That’s not a bad thing, though. Take the time to stock up on supplies and set a spawn. Mansions are dangerous places, and you will likely need to respawn a couple of times during your journey through the building. The seed is -4589128118707775879.

4. Sky Mountain — 1.8.1

If you’re a fan of building elaborate mountain fortresses, this is the way to go. This seed drops you at cloud level on the base of a huge mountain that reaches far into the sky, much higher than the clouds. Multiple waterfalls cascade off the mountain, and the top is home to a grassy area where you can raise crops.

There are also plenty of trees to harvest for wood–just remember to replant. You’re surrounded by water on many sides, which make it easy to beat a hasty getaway off the top of the mountain. The seed is -969535336.

5. Instant End Portal — 1.6.4

Reaching The End in Minecraft isn’t easy. Not only do you need to harvest Eye of Ender, but you have to find a stronghold and fight your way through it. It takes a lot of time, but this Minecraft seed makes it easy. You’ll spawn near a village. Make your way to it, and look for the odd flat platform just off the coast. 

Break through the top of that platform and you’ll find an End Portal, ready and waiting to be used. You still have to fill it in with the Eyes of Ender, but it’s a lot easier than trying to track down a stronghold. The seed is called Dossier. (It’s different, yes, but enter the word.)

6. Savannah Village — 1.16.5

This seed starts you right beside a large, charming savannah village. Plateaus overlook the village to provide a great view of the area (as well as a perfect spot to build your own base.) There’s even a large water feature from which to fish, a blacksmith, and horses. 

If you venture away from the village into the desert, you can find a desert temple stocked with goodies, too. As far as easy starting points go, this seed is hard to beat. It works with the most recent versions of the game. The seed is 12542. 

7. Island Chain — 1.16.5

This seed starts you off on a small island with no resources. You’ll need to swim a little way to find an island with trees so you can build a boat, but that island is just one of a dozen or more in this small chain. It’s a great way to build an intercoastal base, and there’s even a shipwreck to explore not far away.

Minecraft seeds like this are great for roleplaying or just for more challenging gameplay. You might even find a rock and name it Wilson. If you want to try this one out for yourself, the seed is 124014738.

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