How to See and Share Your Spotify Wrapped

Ever wonder how often you might be listening to a certain artist, song, or music genre? If you have Spotify, you can actually find this out at the end of every year. The music app puts out what they call your Spotify Wrapped, which is a collection of your listening habits.

It’s become very popular on social media to post your Spotify Wrapped so your friends can see what you’re listening to most often. So, how do you get to and view it yourself, and how do you share it? 

How to See Your Spotify Wrapped

You can find your Spotify Wrapped by going to the website Spotify has created to showcase your very own slideshow. You can access this website on any device, as long as you log into the Spotify account you wish to see your Wrapped slideshow for. 

You can also find your Spotify Wrapped in your Spotify feed within the mobile app during the time it’s being promoted at the end of the year. It should show up as a collection of playlists based on the music you listen to. If you tap on the header of this collection, you’ll see the entire Wrapped collection. Tap on the top banner to find your slideshow. 

If you still can’t find it within the app, you can also tap on the Search icon in the bottom bar and scroll down to find the Wrapped icon. You can also search for “(Year) Wrapped” and it should come up as a result. 

How to Share Your Spotify Wrapped

If you want to show some parts of your Wrapped to your friends or share it on social media, it’s easy to do so. It just depends what method you are using to watch your Wrapped.

If you’re using the Spotify app on your phone, you’ll see a share button at the bottom of each slide. When you tap on this, you can share the slide directly to multiple other platforms. If you tap on More, you can also share them directly to your friends if you wish. You can also select Copy Link to share anywhere else you want. 

How to Find Your Past Spotify Wrapped

Unfortunately, you can’t access past Spotify Wrapped stories as they are only available for a short amount of time around the end of each year. You can generally find your Wrapped starting early December and you’ll no longer be able to see it after the beginning of January.

However, no matter the date, you can still find past Spotify Wrapped playlists. These are playlists that Spotify creates based on the top songs you’ve listened to throughout the year. To find these in Spotify, go to the search screen and type the year of the playlist you want to see. Then it should come up in the search results. 

How Is Spotify Wrapped Created?

Spotify tracks your listening habits from January 1st through October 31st to create your Wrapped content for each year. This includes songs, albums, artists, and genres you’ve listened to on your account.

In order to receive a Wrapped, you need to have created a Spotify account before November 1st of that year, and have listened to at least 5 artists, 30 songs, and have listened to music on Spotify for at least 60 minutes. If you’re not seeing your Spotify Wrapped, it could be because your account is too new or you haven’t listened to enough content. 

If you find that your Spotify Wrapped is not what you expected it to be as far as your listening habits, there could be a few reasons for this to take into account. If your friends or family use your Spotify account, if you’ve left Spotify playing unmonitored for a while at times, or you’ve allowed others to add songs to your queue that play on your account; all of these things could influence the outcome of your Spotify Wrapped. 

Also, if you’ve ever transferred your data to a new account for any reason, the history of songs you’ve listened to will get reset once you have the new account. 

Once October 31st comes around, all the data from your Spotify listening habits is compiled and analyzed to create your Wrapped. Spotify creates a playlist of your top songs that you’ve listened to throughout the year, from most listened to least. 

So, tell us if you have caught up with this special Spotify playlist and discovered something about your listening habits.