What is Discord Nitro and is It Worth It?

In June of 2020, Discord reported more than 100 million active users each month and that number has only grown higher since then. Discord is one of the most popular online text and voice platforms on the web. 

While it got its start as a gaming platform, Discord is now used by communities and hobbyists everywhere.

Those who want more functionality can subscribe to Discord Nitro for $10 per month or $100 per year, which lets users improve their personal profile, power up their emojis, get free server boosts, and much more. This guide will lay out the details of Discord Nitro to help you decide whether the service is worth the cost.

What Does Discord Nitro Do?

Discord Nitro enhances the overall Discord experience by providing subscribers with more powerful features and tools, particularly for server owners. That said, users who only participate in chats can benefit from Discord Nitro, too, especially if you stream your gameplay or have a face cam. 

Better Emoji

Everyone knows that one of the best parts of Discord is the abundance of emojis you have access to. Servers can set up custom emoji that can be used within channels on that server, but Nitro subscribers can also collect emoji and upload their own custom ones. 

Personal Profile Improvements

Discord Nitro subscribers can improve their personal profile. You can choose to use an animated avatar as well as a custom tag, giving you better control over how you represent yourself to other users.

In addition, you get a badge for your profile that shows how long you’ve been on Discord, similar to the badges that show up on older Steam profiles. 

Better File Uploads

Discord can be an excellent file sharing service, but it has an upload limit of just 8 MB. Nitro subscribers can upload files of up to 100 MB, allowing for higher-quality images and larger documents

HD Video

Discord users can share their screen and broadcast live feeds as a basic feature, but the resolution is limited. If you subscribe to Discord Nitro, you gain access to HD video streaming and screen sharing–a much better option for would-be streamers. 

Server Support

Discord Nitro truly shines for server owners. A server boost costs $4.99 per boost and Discord Nitro provides server owners with two boosts per month for free. In essence, Discord Nitro pays for itself at the $10 per month price point. 

As an added bonus, extra boosts are 30% off. If you want to grow your server, a boost is a great way to do it–and Discord Nitro can give you an advantage over non-subscribers. 

Boosting your server provides higher-quality audio, more space for emojis, and a number of other features that make your server more appealing than the competition. 

Discord Nitro Pricing

There are two tiers of Discord Nitro pricing. The most recent version of Discord Nitro is $9.99 per month, or $99.99 per year. The $99 per year actually results in a 16% discount over the monthly price, making it the better value overall. If you aren’t sure whether the service is for you, you can try out the monthly price. 

You also have the option of Discord Nitro Classic. If you aren’t a server owner, this is probably the better option for you. Discord Nitro Classic is $4.99 per month, or $49.99 per year. It has the same features as Discord Nitro, minus the server boosts. However, you do get 30% off server boosts if you want to purchase one. 

You can also purchase Discord Nitro as a gift. This is an easy way to show support for your favorite servers, especially if you’re in a smaller fan server that has limited membership. A server boost can improve the community. 

Is Discord Nitro Worth It?

Discord Nitro is a fantastic platform for staying in touch with friends and finding new communities. Whether Discord Nitro is worth it or not depends on how often you use the platform. If you’re a power user and spend more time than not on Discord, then Nitro can definitely lend benefits.

Discord Nitro is also worthwhile if you own a server and you want to improve it. In fact, it becomes more worth it at that point thanks to the two server boosts per month. 

On the other hand, if you only use Discord a couple of times a week to chat with friends or hop into a game of Among Us, then Discord Nitro probably isn’t worth the expense. It’s geared towards people that make the platform their main social outlet. 

Casual users that are interested should give Discord Nitro Classic a try at the monthly price. If you find that you enjoy it, you can upgrade to the full version. The $5 per month is a low enough cost that you can investigate and explore its features without much financial risk. 

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